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We are distributors of Alltech products

distribution d'outils de travail pour le secteur les équipements lourds

The ALLFETT greasing system protects your equipment; it insures a continuous greasing to the points at regular intervals. Shortage of grease, heavy loads, dust and water prematurely wears out your moving parts of the machine. Our systems offer performance, reliability and efficiency. The range limiting device is a safety device and assistance for equipment operators. It is a monitoring device which supplies the operator precise indication on the positioning of the machine in respect to environmental obstacles which will protect the operator. It therefore limits the risk of the machine to come into contact with environmental obstacles (Electrical wires, walls, ceilings, etc.). Allows an easy and efficient on-the-spot weighing. These rugged systems are designed for reliable and precise operation in harsh environments in continuous duty.
The laser guidance uses an ultra high visibility green laser to establish visual line control. It is a versatile all weather product that can be used for snow plow, guiding highway paint stripers, asphalt distributors, pavement profilers, or virtually any other vehicle or equipment requiring line control.


Through an ingenious centralized system using electronic control, biodegradable grease is injected under pressure, reaching and protecting the vital moving parts of a feller head up to six times more effectively than with the conventional process

NBS is a backup camera system improving safety around industrial vehicles. It supplies a precise vision of the environment to the driver.


 Blaxtair® is an intelligent on-board camera which helps to prevent collisions between construction machinery and pedestrians. Combined with good practice and organizational safety measures, it is the only efficient and reliable answer to meet the safety demands of the construction, road work and mining sectors.


OKO Puncture Free creates a permanent seal within the tread while ensuring a negligible loss of air pressure.
 Sentinel systems are designed to help the driver be more vigilant.


  • Shell oils.

  • Donaldson filtration systems.

  • New original parts and used parts.

  • Oil sampling of your equipment (Fluidlife).


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